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Santa Cruz, Calif. - April 29, 2012 - Adjyle today announced the opening of the Adjyle City that has been in beta with limited users since 2010. Adjyle City is a gathering place for city events, activities, business information, and offerings. It gives you an additional on-line opportunity to advertise and promote your business, products, and services, and be found more easily on the web. Adjyle City has more business flexibility and information content and value than any other business listing and coupon service.

"Adjyle is the on-line sales side solution for small to mid-sized companies who want more effective and flexible on-line advertising, promotion, marketing, and sales", says Ron Franke, CEO and Founder. "Adjyle gives our customers true business flexibility in creating and using promotional social objects, such as the business listing, coupons, business profile, newsletters, product catalog, and marketing collateral. Our goal is to be a partner with our business members in helping them achieve their on-line marketing, promotional, and sales goals."

Adjyle's mission is to fully support the on-line sales side of business with marketing, advertising, and promotional resources, customer identification and acquisition tools, and in the future, transacting sales in the existing Adjyle marketplace.

Adjyle's Marketplace exists initially with the business listing and offering site, found at Adjyle City provides more advertising and promotion value than any other site and give users more options for information content. Business users can display a business profile that acts as an information sheet or mini web site. A product and services catalog can be easily created and presented that includes product images, description, pricing, and product specific data such as UPC numbers.

Coupons, special offers, announcements, invitations, and press releases can be published on Adjyle's Marketplace. "Adjyle's unique benefit to our members is that there are no coupon usage fees and members keep 100% of the value of their coupon," says Ron Franke. "This is emblematic in Adjyle's motto: 'Your Business, Your Brand, Your Customers, Your Way'."

Adjyle's Advertising and Sales Promotion Tools are business resources that give business owners the flexibility to create and use sales and marketing social objects anywhere they choose, such as in Adjyle's Marketplace, on their business web site, and on social media sites. Adjyle provides the power to use these social objects in the way that makes sense for their business.

"An example are Adjyle's Facebook Apps give our business members the flexibility to easily create and use Adjyle's social objects, such as a coupon, on their Facebook Fan Page. This gives more opportunity for their customers to Like their business and engage with their customers in Facebook," says Ron Franke

"Privacy and content ownership are key differences between Adjyle and other business sites," says Ron Franke. "Adjyle takes privacy very seriously. Business owners want control over their brand, messages, and importantly business data. And, they want to control how those items are presented and used. This is why Adjyle does not include outside advertisements, does not data mine, and does not sell or give user information or published content to anyone for any reason, unlike other business sites. Adjyle's business members are the exclusive owner of any content created through Adjyle."

Adjyle is offering free full-featured subscriptions to the first additional 500 business members that sign up.

Adjyle™ is wholly owned by Work Informed®, Inc, and was first released in beta in 2010. Adjyle™ will be spun into its own entity at some point. Work Informed®, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Ron and Kathy Franke and is privately held with corporate headquarters in the county of Santa Cruz in California. Information about Adjyle™ is available at Information about Work Informed®, Inc. is available at All Work Informed®, Inc. products and services are designed, developed, and supported in California.