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Santa Cruz, Calif. - April 29, 2012 - Adjyle today announced the new suite of Facebook apps that allow Adjyle users to display their business listing, profile, catalog, and coupons on their Facebook Fan Page. "This gives you more opportunity for your customers to Like your business and engage with your business on Facebook"

Adjyle's Facebook apps enable our customers to engage their customers more easily on Facebook. With Adjyle users can easily promote sales by creating Coupons and other offerings. The Coupon App has numerous benefits, such as a Fan Gate. In order to view a coupon on Facebook viewers must first Like the Fan Page. The Adjyle App checks to see if the Facebook user already Likes the Fan Page, if so, the coupon is presented. If not, then a notice is displayed requesting that they first Like the Page. Once they click the Like button the coupon is displayed. Of course once a Facebook fan Likes a page when future coupons are shared the coupon will appear in their News Feed.

Adjyle provides true advertising, marketing, and business flexibility, for example:

  • Easily share your public coupons on your Facebook Fan Page.

  • App Fan Gate to help build your business fans and promote your business.

  • Quickly edit your coupons from Facebook.

  • To view your coupon a Facebook user must Like your Page before seeing the coupon.

  • You keep 100% of the value of your coupon.

  • You pay no service fee per coupon.

  • You retain exclusive access to your customer information.

  • No double branding of coupons.

  • No content data mining.

  • No customer ranking or comments about your business or promotional items.

Adjyle™ is wholly owned by Work Informed®, Inc, and was first released in beta in 2010. Adjyle™ will be spun into its own entity at some point. Work Informed®, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Ron and Kathy Franke and is privately held with corporate headquarters in the county of Santa Cruz in California. Information about Adjyle™ is available at Information about Work Informed®, Inc. is available at All Work Informed®, Inc. products and services are designed, developed, and supported in California.