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Santa Cruz, Calif. - September 3, 2012 - Adjyle today announced release 7.2.2 that provides enhancements to Advertising Services, Product Manager, Catalog, and City Scene.

"This is an incremental release in key product areas in some cases based on customer feedback that improve Adjyle's features and increase content value", says Ron Franke, CEO and Founder.

Advertising Services added the following:
- Social media sharing to additional social objects: profile, catalog, photo directory, and newsletter
- Customized open graph info to the listing, coupon, and city scene social objects
- More info in Adjyle Viewer output when content is not available
- Fixed viewing of profile and catalog when logged in even if the content is not public
- Enhanced directory and layouts in Photo Viewer and Photo Album.
- Added release date and publish status for press release list view

Product Manager added a manufacturer field to aid in product categorization and display in the catalog. Images are now used from a Photo Album to enable the catalog to be consistent with product photo in a photo album

Catalog now displays the manufacturer name, if present, to product name as "manufacturer - product name"

A few general changes include:
- Rename of the Images tab to Photo Albums
- Rename of labels and buttons in Photo Album manager to reflect Photo Album not Image Set
- Enhanced Invoice Summary Gizmo adding additional information (for those users with the Business Manager features).

City Scene added:
- Posted By
- A date range for multi-day events
- An optional contact name

"This is in line with our general goal of providing enhancements to Adjyle resources and Adjyle City at least 6 to 8 times per year", says Ron Franke, CEO and Founder.

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