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Santa Cruz, Calif. - September 24, 2012 - Adjyle today announced more flexible business promotion resources for business users.

"Capturing the attention of consumers is very difficult given all the options that consumers have. Adjyle's promotional resources are designed to give businesses a variety of options to attract consumers and drive sales." says Ron Franke, CEO and Founder

Adjyle gives businesses the ability to create promotional material and distribute that material to new and existing customers. Adjyle does this through the coupon, special offer, announcement, invitation, and notice facilities.

For businesses that like to provide incentives to customers through techniques like coupons and special offers, Adjyle provides the ability to create these promotional vehicles and distribute them through several channels, as described below.

But not all businesses have a need, or in some cases, desire to promote their business with coupons and special offers. However, they do have a desire to create awareness and call their customers to action through vehicles such as an invitation, announcement, and notice.

Like the coupon and special offer capability, invitations, announcements, and notices can be distributed though several marketing channels.

Adjyle is unique in allowing out business customers the ability to use these promotional objects in the way that makes sense for their business. These can be used:
- in Adjyle City as an additional marketing and promotional channel
- on their business web site
- on their Facebook Fan Page
- promoted on sites such as Twitter
- emailed to their customer base using Adjyle's Bulk Emailer.
- emailed to their customer base using another email package

A key differentiator is that unlike our competition Adjyle does not charge any fee for the use of these promotional objects, beyond the basic subscription price.

In addition we do not data mine your content, use your content in any way, or sell, rent, or share any Customer Information with third parties. Our revenue is generated through subscriptions.

"Our goal is to provide our users with more effective and flexible tools for web-based marketing and promotion, and, enable them to use these tools in the way that makes sense for their business", says Ron Franke, CEO and Founder.

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