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Adjyle - About Us

Focus on Innovation

Adjyle is the on-line sales side solution for small to mid-sized companies who want more effective and flexible on-line advertising, promotion, marketing, and sales. Adjyle gives our customers true business flexibility in creating and using promotional social objects, such as the business listing, coupons, business profile, newsletters, product catalog, and marketing collateral. Our goal is to be a partner with our business members in helping them achieve their on-line marketing, promotional, and sales goals.

"Adjyle's core value is contained in our motto: 'Your Business, Your Brand, Your Customers, Your Way'. This means our goal is to give you easy to adopt and use business tools that help your sales and marketing efforts and enable you to use these resources in the way that makes sense for your business."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder.

Our mission is to fully support the on-line sales side of business with marketing, advertising, and promotional resources, customer identification and acquisition tools, and in the future transacting sales in the existing Adjyle marketplace. Our goal is to be a partner with our business members in helping them achieve their on-line marketing, promotional, and sales goals.

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Adjyle City - a gathering place for city events, activities, business information, and offerings. Adjyle City provides more advertising, promotion, and search engine optimization (SEO) value than any other site. It does this by giving you more options to create and present your business information not only on Adjyle City, but also on your own web site and Facebook fan page.

Adjyle City is not simply a listing and coupon site. Adjyle City is oriented around city activities and answers the "what's happening in my city" question for consumers. Business customers can use the announcement and invitation features to tell their customers about upcoming events.

Adjyle's suite of on-line advertising, sales, promotion, and marketing tools - is an existing suite of business resources that are a low cost way for business owners to bring in new customers and sales, and, to build relations with customers. Adjyle's business tools enable customers to easily create and use social objects. Adjyle's resources are tailored for the needs of small to mid-sized business and are easy to adopt and use.

Adjyle Privacy Differentiation

Adjyle takes your privacy very seriously. As a business owner, you want to control your brand, messages, and importantly business data, and, you want to control how those items are presented and used. This is why Adjyle does not include outside advertisements, does not data mine, and does not sell or give user information or published content to anyone for any reason, unlike other business sites. You are the exclusive owner of any content you create through Adjyle.

Our Quality Statement

Quality Statement
We believe that quality is when our products and services meet the reasonable needs and expectations of our customer.

Continuous Improvement
Software products are never perfect and are continuously improved. We will strive to the best of our ability to produce the highest level of product quality possible.

Focus on Our Customer
Helping our customers achieve success is our reason for being. We partner with our customers, to the extent possible, to develop products and services that our customers need and want, and products that help our customers grow their business.

High Level of Company Integrity
Adjyle will act at all times with the highest level of business integrity. We will work with customers in an open, communicative, and collaborative fashion. We will strive to provide a fair and open business relationship.

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Adjyle™ is wholly owned and operated by Work Informed®, Inc. with both based in Santa Cruz, California. All intellectual property was designed and built in California. All staff and supporting teams are based in California.

Founder and CEO
Ron Franke
Linkedin: Ron Franke Linkedin Profile