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Adjyle Adds Value to Your Website with an Offering Section Coupon Directory

Adjyle's Coupon Directory is similar to the Business Directory feature and is for an association or business that has a collection of member businesses that are promoted in some fashion. Two examples are a shopping mall and a business association. Using Adjyle's Coupon Directory on your web site will boost the sales of your member businesses and provide an additional incentive for your customers to visit your web site.

Your member businesses can easily publish coupons, coupon groups, special offerings, notices, and announcements. These are also optionally displayed on your member's business listing in the Business Directory. This feature can be used independent of the Business Directory, is simple to plug into your web site, and has numerous options that let you configure the Coupon Directory to meet your web site needs. No additional cost if you also use the Business Directory feature.

Example Demonstration Coupon
Example businesses and associations that would benefit by using Adjyle's Coupon Directory:
  • Shopping Malls
  • Business Districts
  • Business Associations, such as the Chambers of Commerce
  • Professional Associations, such as local and State Bar (legal) associations
  • Arts and Entertainment Collectives
  • Trade Groups
  • Trade Shows
  • Venture Capital Companies
  • Business/Leads Clubs
Adjyle's Unique Coupon Benefits
  • Member Businesses Keep 100% of the Value of Their Coupon.
  • There are No per Coupon Service Fee.
  • No Double Branding of Coupons, Content Data Mining, or Customer Ranking or Comments.
  • Optionally display a "Get Coupon" or "Get Coupon Group" link on member business listings.
  • Coupon link to display a specific coupon that can be emailed to potential customers, as:
  • Coupon Group link to display a coupon group that can be emailed to potential customers, as:
Adjyle's Benefits - Reduce Your Costs, Add Value, Simplify
  • Gives you the opportunity to provide more value to your member businesses.
  • Reduces your costs of creating and maintaining an Offering section on your website.
  • Easy to use web-based tools to create offerings.
  • Requires no software or application to be loaded on any PC or web device.
  • Provides your business members more opportunities for marketing and sales promotions.
  • Enables your business members to customize their offering to meet unique business needs and advertising goals.
  • On-site training and phone or email support.