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Adjyle - Investment Opportunity

[image]Adjyle is uniquely positioned to do what no other company has done - unify a business community, marketplace, and business resources into a one stop and must join on-line solution for business promotion and sales. In Adjyle's Marketplace, businesses promote their brand, products, and services. Adjyle's Business Resources provide the flexibility to create and use sharable social objects to engage customers with a business listing, coupons, business profile, newsletters, a product catalog, and marketing collateral. Adjyle's Community will be the goto place for business focused social interaction and collaboration.

Adjyle solves on-line promotion and sales challenges for businesses by providing: 1) promotion and sales in an on-line marketplace that is business member friendly; 2) flexible, effective, and easy to use promotional resources; 3) help in engaging their customers through on-line marketing and social media; and 4) access to business focused social interest groups, interaction, and collaboration.

Adjyle seeks the right investor partner that will help Adjyle take advantage of the opportunity reflected in our target customers. The overall business objective is to build a substantial and independent company with consistent growth and profitability that will ultimately achieve listing on the NASDAQ or DOW stock exchange. With the substantial body of product capability in place the ability to initiate an IPO should be quicker than normal for a start-up.

Adjyle is privately held and wholly owned by the founder. Adjyle is based in Santa Cruz, California. All intellectual property was designed and built in California. All staff and supporting teams are based in California.
Contact Ron Franke for further information, and, to schedule a conversation to learn more about the investment value provided by Adjyle.

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Ron Franke
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