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Adjyle Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits
Promote Your Business and Be Found More Easily on the Web

"Adjyle gives you the tools to create web-based marketing items to help promote your business and boost sales, such as your listing and coupons. Adjyle automatically provides techniques to your objects that boost your SEO and provide more page indexing so that your business is more easily found on the web."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder

Adjyle's SEO Promotion Strategy for Your Business
Adjyle's SEO promotion strategy is applied to your promotional content and designed to promote your business and boost web fundability. It does this in three ways:
  1. Good SEO
  2. Inbound Links
  3. Fresh Content
Good SEO
Adjyle enhances your SEO within the promotional objects, such as a coupon and listing, by:
  • Adding some of your user content to metadata and keywords that search engines look for, such as your business name.
  • Propagating additional external pages that have your promotional object and links back to your web site.
  • Creating key worded pages to enhance navigation to businesses listed, such as an AdjyleCity site map.
Inbound Links
Adjyle enhances your inbound links by:
  • Adjyle City provides inbound several inbound links to your web site from your listing, published coupons, catalog, and other promotional objects that you have published through Adjyle.
  • Adjyle's Facebook Fan Page provides inbound links for Adjyle City businesses that have been highlighted on the page.
  • Facebook follow links from Adjyle City provide additional inbound links.
  • Twitter links to share Adjyle City content.
Fresh Content
Search engines, such as Google, are continuously scanning the web for new and revised content. Adjyle enhances your SEO:
  • When your create and publish a promotional object such as a special offer.
  • When you tweet your promotional object link, for example profile name/coupon.
  • When you promote your business using one of the Adjyle Facebook Apps on your business Facebook Fan Page
How Web Search Engines Work
A web search engine, such as Google and Yahoo, exist to find information on the web. Search engines periodically scan the web looking for new and updated information and then stores this information in a database. This is called web crawling and indexing and leads to a ranking of your business web site. Your web site is ranked based on various factors and this ranking directly affects where your business ends up when found as part of a search. The closer your business is to the first page presented after the search the the better the chance of your web link being clicked.

When you enter a search, such as "libraries +santa cruz" (no quotes), the search engine doesn't actually scan the web at that time. What is does is search through a stored database containing information about the content on the web. This database has information pertaining to "libraries" and to the location "santa cruz" and attempts to match these and then display the search results.

The more references to your business that can be found during web crawling, the more indexes to your business are placed in the search engine database. This is why Adjyle provides the SEO techniques when building your promotional object for display, such as on Adjyle City, your Facebook page, and on your web site.