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Adjyle Viewer Features and Benefits
A Media Kit with Your Company's Public Marketing Information

The Adjyle Viewer for the Company Adjyle - Click to View Live

The Value of the Adjyle Viewer
"The Adjyle Viewer is an advertising and marketing tool that gives you a quick view of your published marketing and promotional items created through Adjyle. For you, it is a quick reference dashboard of your public information on Adjyle. For others, it is a Media Kit that presents who you are and what you provide as a company. It contains your public contact, business, product information, and marketing collateral."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder

The Power of the Media Kit
As a media kit, the Adjyle Viewer is a slide show introduction to your company. Like a slide show, by clicking the links left to right more and more detail about your company is provided. It is a quick and simple way to get company information to key people. Simply send a link such as where your unique profile name would replace the "adjyle" after the ".com/".

Features (*)
When one of the Viewer links is clicked, such as "Catalog", the content is displayed only if that content is marked as public or publish. Otherwise, a no content is available notice is displayed.
  • Displays your business listing, business profile, and products/services catalog.
  • Displays a map to your business if the map feature is displayed on your listing.
  • Displays an email contact opportunity.
  • Displays a directory of your press releases and newsletters.
  • Displays your coupon and special offer promotional offerings.
  • Displays your photo viewer and photo albums
  • Displays your Facebook and Twitter feeds depending on your privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Displays your business web site, if entered in your business information.
  • Displays your Badge info to get your QR code for your web site.
  • Enable many of the items, such as a coupon, to be embedded on your web site.
  • Quick way to see your public marketing and promotional material.
  • Easy way to send information about your company, products, and services to the press and other key people.
  • Generates indexible pages that are picked up by search engines that increase your ranking.
  • Add the Adjyle Viewer link to your business card.
  • Add the Adjyle Viewer link to your email signature for easy reference for others.
  • All of these objects can be embedded on your web site (eg Adjyle Press Releases).

More Sample Views

The Adjyle Viewer for the Company Adjyle - Displaying the Published Listing

The Adjyle Viewer for the Company Adjyle - Displaying One or More Public Coupons

The Adjyle Viewer for the Company Adjyle - Displaying One or More Public Photo Albums

Clicking the Hawaii Link in the Graphic Above then the "Get Hawaii Photo Album" Link Displays the Specific Photo Album

(*) Note: The Free Starter Kit does not have access to all Adjyle Features, such as the ability to create a catalog and photo album.