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Boosting Your Marketing Power with Adjyle's Promotional Social Objects

"Adjyle's promotional social objects give you the business flexibility to easily create and use these marketing and promotional objects in ways that make sense for your business."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder

Adjyle's Promotional Social Objects

Example Social Objects Using Adjyle:
1. Listing -
2. Profile -
3. Map -
4. Catalog -
5. Coupon -
6. Special Offer -
7. Invitation -
8. Announcement -
9. Press Release -
10. Newsletter -
11. Photo Directory -
12. Photo Viewer -

What is an Adjyle Social Object?

A Social Object is something that is shared. The term comes from social media where a discrete bit of information, a picture, and other items are posted (shared) on various social sites. Adjyle expands this notion to give you the flexibility to create social objects and share them however and where ever you wish.

The purpose of Adjyle's Advertising and Sales Promotion Tools is to create and share business objects, such as your listing, profile, coupons, and catalog; and, other objects that you can create and share. We provide the option of sharing some of these objects through Adjyle City as one sales and marketing channel for your business, and on social media sites, your Facebook Fan Page, and your business web page.

Adjyle's unique benefit is that you can share the objects you create on numerous forums and in numerous ways, for example:
  • You can share your listing, profile, coupons, and catalog via Adjyle's Marketplace by publishing your listing and coupons, and marking your profile and catalog as publishable.
  • You can share your Adjyle Social Objects on your Facebook Fan Page using Adjyle's Facebook Apps.
  • Your can share your Adjyle Social Objects on your own web site.
  • You can post links to your Adjyle Social Objects to other social media sites
  • You can email links to your Social Objects via Adjyle's bulk emailer feature or using your own marketing email resources.
  • You can email links to your Social Objects via you own email or customer management system.

Adjyle is advertising agility. It is the flexibility you need to enhance your marketing, expand your on-line presence, promote your business, and boost sales.