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Business Customer Emailer Features and Benefits

"The Business Customer Emailer provides the ability to send coupons, coupon groups, newsletters, and marketing collateral to selected customers. This provides an easy way for you to keep your business in your customer's mind when thinking about a future purchase."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder of Adjyle

  • Email coupons and coupon groups to your customers.
  • Email newsletters to your customers.
  • Email sales and marketing collateral to your customers.
  • View the recipient list prior to sending.
  • Recipient list is hidden from individual recipients.
  • Get a results notice for the email action.
  • Send only to customers marked to recieve coupons or newsletters.
  • Options to send to individuals in your address book not entered as specific customers, such as friends and family.
  • Easy to use.
  • Inexpensive emailing option.
  • Quick delivery.