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Listing Profile Features, Unique Benefits, and Marketing Options

"Adjyles's buslness listing profile enhances your business listing by providing an opportunity to create a more content rich and detailed information page about your business. Your Profile can be crafted as you see fit, but common example profile pages act like a business data sheet, business resume, or a mini web site. The business profile can be displayed from a link on your business listing and can be used independently." - Ron Franke, CEO and Founder

What good is a Business Profile?
Creating a business profile page adds more value to your business listing in several ways. If your business is a professional service, such as an attorney, it can highlight yous services and provide insights into your unique service value. A retail business can highlight products. A restaurateur could highlight the ambiance, menu, and wine list, for example.

When you subscribe the sign-up process creates a simple profile as a starting point. Adjyle's document editor provides simple and quick means to add more substance to your profile.

Profile Unique Benefits
  • Tailored to your unique business.
  • Acts like a business information sheet, resume, or mini web site.
  • Can contain multiple pages.
  • Can contain images.
Display Your Profile on Your Facebook Page

You can display your profile on your Facebook Fan Page using Adjyle's Coupon App. This gives you one more marketing channel to connect with your customers and boost sales.

Once you add Adjyle's Profile Facebook App to your Fan Page your Fans can see the most current information about your business. The Profile displayed on Facebook has the added benefit of a Fan Gate which means the reader must Like your Page in order to see your coupons giving your Facebook Page added social power.
Marketing Opportunities with Your Profile
  • Enhances your business listing and if used is accessed via the "More Information" link on your listing.
  • Place a link to your profile (and business listing) on your web site.
  • Email your profile link like you would any web page.
  • Note your listing and profile on your email signature block.
  • Note your listing and profile on your business card.