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Newsletter Features, Unique Benefits, and Marketing Options

"Ceboa's newsletter facility gives you a simple and low cost way to drive new sales and provide meaningful customer value. Ceboa's newsletter facility is aimed at helping Ceboa's small business customers advertise and promote their business." - Ron Franke, CEO and Founder of Ceboa


Sample Newsletter Template
What good is a Newsletter?
Creating a newsletter for your customers can be a powerful way to keep your business in your customer's mind for future sales. A good newsletters contains useful information for your customer and also provide an opportunity to generate sales either by talking about an up coming event, such as a spring clothing line up or to present some incentive such as with a coupon. For example a local running store sends out a monthly newsletter announcing running events, running clinics, and articles about running.

Newsletter articles are specific to the business, product line, and areas of mutual interest. Unless it makes sense for your business and reader, newsletters should be short containing articles of a paragraph or two and only a few articles.

Ceboa's "Article Manager" provides simple and quick means to create newsletters. A set of newsletter templates give you a quick start at creating newsletters. The "Business Customer Emailer" allows you to send your newsletter to your customers.

Coupon Unique Benefits
  • There is No per Newsletter Service Fee - Simply, there is no additional service fee per newsletter.
  • You Retain Exclusive Access to Your Customer Information - Any information about your customer entered via the Customer Manager is private and available exclusively to you.
  • You Retain Exclusive Use of Your Newsletter - You decide who gets your newsletter and how your customer's get them. Newsletters, however, may not contain illegal content or content disallowed by the Ceboa guidelines.
  • No Double Branding of Newsletters - Ceboa does not add any Ceboa specific branding information to your newsletter - the only brand information on your newsletter is from your business.
  • No Content Data Mining - Ceboa does not data mine any of our customer's information. Nor do we sell or give any information about our customers to any group for any purpose, unless ordered to do so by the appropriate legal authorities in the United States.
New Marketing Opportunities with Your Coupon
  • Email Your Newsletter to Your Customers - You can send your newsletter via your own email package or use the Ceboa Customer Emailer to send to your customers. The Business Customer Emailing facility enables you to send newsletters to customers entered with the Customer Manager facility. This facility allows several selection options and of course has the opt out option.
  • Post Your Newsletter to Your Business Web Site - Post one or more of your newsletters on your business web site to provide exclusive access for your site visitors.
  • Using Your Business Listing Profile Page - You can optionally post your newsletters on your Business Listing profile page, or place a link on your profile page to your newsletter page on your business web site.
  • Add Coupons and Coupon Groups to Your Newsletter - You can easily display both coupons and coupon groups in your newsletter. This provides an opportunity to add additional customer value to your newsletter.