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Sales Lead Management Overview and Benefits

"Managing the status of your customer prospects and the actions taken, and planned, to acquire your customers is complex and challenging. This is especially true as a small business owner since your juggling numerous roles and responsibilities running your business.

We understand your needs. We created a lead management resource that is easy to understand and use. There are several lead management systems in the market but they are big, complex, expensive, and designed to solve the sales problems of large corporations. Adjyle's Sales Lead Manager is nimble and simplifies the customer acquisition process for small business owners."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder

Adjyle's Sales Lead Manager simplifies tracking your business leads. The Sales Lead Manager focuses on presenting quick access to lead information and enables you to easily document actions that you perform in support of your sales leads. Status and information fields allow you to prioritize your leads, identify next step actions, and establish reference criteria and identifications based on your operational practice needs and preferences.

Sales Lead Overview
  • Easily create a sales lead and enter contact information.
  • Differentiate between leads for a business customer and an individual customer.
  • Identify next step actions and a list of future actions in the acquisition process for that customer.
  • Categorize leads by industry type, if appropriate.
  • Organize leads by priority and forecast (probability of closing the sale).
  • Keep notes on the acquisition process.
  • Identify customer needs and problems.
  • Get a map to your customer's business location for meetings.
  • Summary and detailed sales lead reports for easy tracking of multiple leads.
  • Adjyle's sales lead Gizmo's that provide sales lead actions without having to log into Adjyle.
Sales Lead Benefits
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Features tailored to the small business owner and independent sales professional.
  • Integrated with Adjyle's calendar so that sales lead next action dates and time appear in your calendar.
  • Integrated with Adjyle's contacts address book so that sales lead contact information appears in your address book under the category accounts.
  • Access your sales leads from any web enabled device.
  • Use Adjyle's Gizmos on any web enabled device without having to install software on your smart phone, tablet, or PC.