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"Let Adjyle help you achieve your business sales goals. Join Adjyle Today."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder.

Adjyle Business Consulting Services
Adjyle's business consulting services will help you better define your value to your customer. With a focus on branding and brand management our consultants will help you create a more powerful, focused, and value driven brand identify.
Adjyl's Advertising and Sales Promotion Tools
Web-based business tools that enable you to more easily and professionally create on-line marketing, advertising, and sales promotion material. And, tools that help you acquire customers and build relations with your customers.
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Adjyle provides more effective and flexible on-line advertising, promotion, marketing, and sales. Adjyle gives our customers more social marketing power with the ability to create and use sharable marketing and promotional social objects, such as a business listing, profile, product catalog, coupons and other offerings, press releases, newsletters, and marketing collateral. Our goal is to partner with our business members to help you engage your customers and achieve your on-line marketing, promotional, and sales goals.

"Adjyle's core value is contained in our motto: 'Your Business, Your Brand, Your Customers, Your Way'. This means our goal is to give you easy to adopt and use business tools that help your sales and marketing efforts and enable you to use these resources in the way that makes sense for your business."
- Ron Franke, CEO and Founder.

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Make a Scene on Adjyle City.

Adjyle City Promotes Your Business
Adjyle City - a gathering place for city events, activities, business information, and offerings. Adjyle City provides more advertising, promotion, and search engine optimization (SEO) value than any other site. It does this by giving you more options to create and present your business information not only on Adjyle City, but also on your own web site and Facebook fan page.

Adjyle City is not simply a listing and coupon site. Adjyle City is oriented around city activities and answers the "what's happening in my city" question for consumers. Business customers can use the announcement and invitation features to tell their customers about upcoming events.
Events and Deals in Adjyle City